Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One of the small frustrations of life ...

… is that if we leave home at 06:55 in the morning, The Builder ambles past the Adsetts Centre at about 7:25 and gets to Handsworth at around 07:40. If we leave at 7, I arrive at the Adsetts Centre at 07:45/50 and he gets to Handsworth at precisely 08:00 or a little after. He is supposed to be ready to start a-buildering at 8.

It's a bloody nuisance that 5 minutes makes soooo much difference to when we arrive. And, of course, makes no useful difference at all to the time you have at home in the morning.

Still, at least we haven't been flooded. Which is more than can be said for poor Tewkesbury!

I haven't been sleeping well :-( I went to bed on Tuesday night. Went to sleep. The Builder went to bed. He went to sleep. Marlo went to sleep on top of The Builder. There we were, all sleeping. Suddenly The Builder let out a mighty arrrgghhhhh and leapt out of bed, scattering Marlo all over me. This, not surprisingly, woke Marlo and me right up. He had horrid cramp in his leg. The Builder, that is. All calmed down, cramp gone, we all went back to sleep. Suddenly, The Builder let out a mighty ARRRGGHHHHH and bolted upright. This certainly woke Marlo and me up. Marlo, it appears, had been dreaming and had suddenly thrown out a paw and grabbed The Builder by the throat with all the claws on that paw. Everyone calmed down again and went back to sleep. The Builder did not then let out a mighty arrrgghhhh but there was something of a squawk. Marlo had once again clipped at The Builder with a claw. I gave up at that point. It was nearly quarter past five, the radio comes on at half past and we are usually getting up around ten to six. I sent The Builder down for some tea.

I was in bed nice and early last evening. And didn't wake up until quarter to six when the alarm went.

I am on a late shift this evening. As The Builder was getting ready to go, he noticed that there was water under the shoe rack by the little radiator in the kitchen. We shifted the shoe rack for inspection purposes. Dried it all up. Doesn't seem to be the radiator leaking. And the floor was still dry when I left for work at half one. Left the shoe rack in the dining room so I could take the opportunity to clean underneath where it sits. This, of course, meant I had to clean the rest of the kitchen floor. I would be MUCH too embarassed to describe the colour of the water to you (I have a new bucket. All the others seem to have migrated outside and got muddy. This is to be an INSIDE bucket. And it's blue, not orange, so I can tell the difference). I am much too scared to tackle the bathroom floor!!

We found a packet of rabbit food when we moved the shoes. I wonder how long that's been there. We also found a roll of sellotape. Perhaps I should move the shoes more often.

I've moved down to the Level 2 office. My phone number is now 0114 225 6029. My PC moved down as well. It's engaged in a mega sulk, is refusing to work and emphatically will not talk to the network. This is also true of my colleague Paul's PC which also moved down today. And my back and shoulder are very unforgiving of all the crawling around under my desk that I've done this afternoon. I hope it works tomorrow
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