Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Builder came with me to the food bank on Friday, to see if he might fancy volunteering there as well.  He seemed to have a good time and we are intending both to go this coming Friday.  We were fairly busy last Friday.  Both The Builder and I were packing food parcels for the clients.  This time, in addition to the regular list of things that clients are given, we had lots of fruit from somewhere; each client also got a bag of mixed fruit with their parcel.

We were back at the Potluck Pantry on Sunday for a busy day of lunch service.  I made a ham, chicken and leek pie, and an apple and rhubarb crumble.   There was still some of my tofu and asparagus pie from Thursday.  Freyja made an Italian style aubergine and tomato bake, plus this week we had beef and chicken for Jo to roast.And, of course, we had all the expected Sunday lunch trimmings.  We came home with an interesting collection of food - little steak and ale pies, sea bass fillets, spaghetti carbonara; things from the supermarkets that can't really be used in the cafe, but which weren't going to keep until the following Saturday's shop (where things that can't be used in the cafe get sold to locals on a Pay as You Feel basis).   Several days of free food in exchange for a day's work in the kitchen seems like a fair exchange to me and the mission of the project is to prevent food waste so we were helping with that too :-)

Until today, the weather has been lovely so The Builder and I have been out in the garden tidying it up and preparing it for the summer. We want it to look good if anyone ever comes to buy the house.  No gardening today, though. The weather is horrible today.  Windy and wet and very dismal.  I took advantage of yesterday's sunshine to take some fresh photos for the estate agent's brochure.

We've noticed, a couple times, cars pulling up outside our place, and people looking at  the house.  This hasn't led to any viewings and we decided that that might be because, although the inside of the house is freshly decorated and carpeted, the outside was looking decidedly tatty.  So Liam, who plastered the lounge room for us, also took advantage of the lovely weather and turned this:

into this:

Isn't it lovely?

Right.  I'm off in the rain for a haircut.  Catch you later
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