Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Let the celebrations continue

We had a lovely time on Sunday.  The weather wasn't absolutely brilliant - it was overcast and  bit windy.  But it wasn't raining, so after breakfast we drove out in a roundabout way through the New Forest to Lymington. It was a lovely drive.  We weren't in any hurry, so we could potter and meander and explore.

We arrived in Lymington and parked out in the further away car park. This meant we had a pleasant wander along past the marina and up along the river towards the harbour.

We knew we were going out for dinner in the early evening, so thought we might have fish and chips by the harbour for lunch.  We could see people with packets of fish and chips, but couldn't see where they had got them from.  Our feet might have accidentally taken us into The Ship.  Our waiter might have inadvertently brought us the Sunday menu.  I might possibly have noticed that there were scallops on the entree menu :-S

Scallops with a pea puree

Roast chicken with all the usual Sunday accompaniments
Oh well.  A small celebration dinner it is, then!

We had a nice potter about in the town then hopped back in the car.  What to do now? We don't want to be too early into Petersfield, where the celebration dinner was to be held.  The table isn't booked until 6. So we went for another potter through the New Forest, along roads that weren't familiar to either of us.  And we ended up in Milford on Sea, overlooking the Isle of Wight

And so on to Petersfield, to La Piazzetta, where were gathered Rebecca's grandparents, two grandparental partners, her friend from college, her sister and her parents.  It was a lovely evening. Very celebratory. Very convivial.  I think there will be a suitably youthful celebration in a few weeks time when everyone has finished their end of year exams, but it was good to have an oldies' celebration too

We came home on Monday. The car, which had alarmed us a bit on the way to Salisbury when the clutch slipped, accompanied by much smell of burning rubber, behaved impeccably for the rest of the weekend.  We were very glad of this!  We really hadn't wanted to be stuck in a broken down car, in the rain, with The Builder's 91 year old mother on board!!!  I don't suppose we wanted to be stuck anywhere, really, although we do have breakdown cover. But it's hard to know what we would have done with Gwen while waiting for Green Flag to come and rescue us.  Fortunately, it didn't come to that and the entire weekend passed with no further excitements, alarms or diversions.

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