Thursday, May 05, 2016

Long Weekend

Last weekend was the May Day long weekend.  Lots of places had festivals, fairs, feasts and fun events organised, most of which were outside.

The Weather Dogs noticed this!

Tabitha, Gareth, Cally and Flynn went to a super hero festival in Bakewell, at the showgrounds.  Cally was all dressed up in a shimmery, sparkly Batgirl dress.  It was only a small, local festival, but I think that they enjoyed it.  Cally in particular seemed to have a good time. However, a strong downpour at lunchtime drove them away and they headed off to meet friends for a pub lunch, and then came on over to our place.  The super hero festival got a lot of complaints on the internet - for having to pay extra for the rides and for food and so on.  It cost £5 per child to get in.  No charge for infants and adults.  I'm not sure what people expected from a small local festival but it sounds as though their expectations were a touch inflated!

Cally is a Batgirl Flower Fairy :-)

Sunday was mostly fine, with a few showers.  I was dressed ready for going out.  We sat down for breakfast.  Flynn was sitting on my knee so his parents could eat their breakfast using a knife and fork and both hands.  Suddenly he vomited milk all over me.  It was quite spectacular.  It also meant that I pretty much had to change every item of clothing that I was wearing!!  After all, you can't go out to lunch smelling faintly of stale milk!

He didn't throw up all over The Builder!

We all met Freyja and Simon at The Real Junk Food Project's cafe (which I think has changed its name to Pot Luck Cafe). You may remember the we went there for lunch in January, a week after Flynn was born.  Tabitha wasn't all that impressed, partly because they had run out of the things that she wanted to it by the time we got there, but mostly because her food was cold.  It was therefore slightly disconcerting that her meal this time, delicious though it was, was once again not as hot as it might be!!!  The manager was mortified :-D  However, it took no effort to make it properly hot and the rest of us had meals that were piping hot.  They seem to have a more reliable source of donations now.  I had a very healthy portion of roast chicken with all the accompaniments, and I don't think they ran out of anything very much. There were also some very interesting desserts, and lots of gluten free offerings, and meals suitable for vegetarians and vegans. I think that supermarkets and other local businesses have begun to notice them.  You pay what you think the meal was worth, or what you can afford. You can also pay in donations, or in time.  We took a few bits and pieces in the way of donations and made a cash payment as well.  I think that if everyone did that, the Project would flourish.

Then Tabitha and co went into town to play with the Continental Market and the snooker finals.  And The Builder, Freyja, Simon and I went out to Costco to single handedly rescue the British economy from destitution.

Monday was also reasonably sunny, but with some Quite Interesting storms.  Tabitha, Gareth, Cally and Flynn went to a children's festival in Leeds and had a fantastic time. This was much bigger than the Bakewell Festival (and cost a lot more for tickets) - and there were lots of inside activities where you could shelter from the storms.  The Builder and I stayed at home and more or less had a second Sunday.

After that the Weather Dogs got bored with freezing and snowing us all, the sun came out and the temperature started to go up.  I really must get back out into the garden.  It needs weeding and I have seedlings that need potting up and the patio needs sorting out.  But not today.  Today we are heading in to Sheffield to do a spot of volunteering at TRJFP.  We though we'd give it a go and see if we like it.  They need people to help on Sunday so this will be a training day.  Freyja is running things on Sunday and felt that we might need to know where things are and what to do before we rock up to her first Sunday in Charge and ruin it :-D

The garden looking sunny and happy

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