Saturday, May 28, 2016

Air Ambulance

We've had a fairly quiet week since we came back from our jaunt to Wiltshire and Hampshire.  We went into Chesterfield on Wednesday to chat to the estate agent (still no real interest in our lovely house ;-( ) and to reclaim some records that the second hand record shop didn't want (neither do we - might have to throw them away!)  We didn't go to the Pot Luck Pantry, which has been closed for refurbishment this week. We've done a bit of gardening, a bit of pottering, a bit of not very much.  It's been quite pleasant.

We did go to the Food Bank yesterday.  Just as well!  This coming Monday is a public holiday and many of the regular volunteers had taken advantage of the long weekend and already gone away. The clients, however, had not :-S  We were quite busy. This did mean, that the open hour between 1 and 2 passed very quickly.  It also meant that we felt as though we had done a full day's work when we left.  It's surprising how heavy three day's worth of emergency food is, even when it's only for one person.  If it's for a large family it's hugely heavy.  Plus, of course, the volunteers aren't only there for the hour that the food bank is open.  Everything has to be set up before we open, and then put away again after, with the church building restored to its Sunday shape before we leave.

Anyway.  Off we trotted, heading home via the supermarket.  We turned into Queen Victoria Road, and noted as we got to the village centre that the traffic was behaving a bit oddly. Lots of people turning their cars round and heading up Green Lane.  Then we found that the road was, in fact, closed. There were people flagging the cars down and turning them back.  We parked our car up the road from our place and walked down to find out what was going on.  Police cars turned up and formally closed the road.  Not everyone was entirely delighted about this - although I have to say that I would not argue with a police van blocking the road with its lights flashing.  It turned out that a motorbike rider and a van had collided a little way up from our place.  It all looked a bit nasty.  Even more so when the air ambulance turned up and landed in the field immediately behind our place.  Fortunately, the bike rider was extremely lucky and wasn't dead or even particularly badly injured. He didn't need the services of the air ambulance and was taken away in a road ambulance.  The air ambulance took off again - much to the excitement of the children next door who had thought it was a particularly loud lawn mower when it started its engines. They were ever so excited when they realised that it was a large helicopter instead :-)

And so Tupton returned to its usual, largely somnolent state - and The Builder went up the road to retrieve our car.  I made a spring vegetable pie for our dinner.  And a meat and potato pie ready for Sunday, when the Pot Luck Pantry will have re-opened. We are going in a bit earlier than usual. The cafe is short of volunteers, for some reason :-D

Our ducks have been enjoying the early summer / late spring weather

So has Marlo, who is taking advantage of the morning sunshine and is snoozing in its warmth on our little lawn.

I suppose that perhaps I should go wild and get dressed, then I can enjoy the sunshine too.  It is most unlikely to last.  It is, after all, a long weekend!!

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