Friday, May 13, 2016

I have mentioned this before, but it isn't really an unalloyed benefit not having a job to go to.  I am very much a mañana kind of person and it is much too easy to decide not to do something today because it can always be done tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that - or perhaps not at all.  So I am not learning Japanese with any purpose.  I am not weeding and clearing in the garden. I am not even following my cleaning and tidying routine particularly well. If there is no impetus to get on and get things done, it is much too easy to let things drift!  I must acquire an impetus :-D

However, not having a job to go to does carry some benefits.  It means that if we don't have a proper Sunday afternoon on Sunday, we can move it by 24 hours.  The weather was absolutely glorious on Monday, so we moved out into the garden at lunchtime, armed not with digging and weeding tools but with gin, tonic and wine supplies.  We had a leisurely afternoon, culminating in a Sunday Roast on a Monday. We have done some gardening, mind.  The Builder has weeded the cabbage plants and onions.  He's dug over the bed where the raspberries were and we have some strawberry plants to put there.  I'm going to get some cheap raspberry canes to put in there too.  There is quite a bit of post-winter clearing and tidying to do, but we're getting there.

The garden is a sea of blue. The forget me nots are very happy this year!

And so the week has pottered along. We've had some wet, wild and windy weather, and some beautiful, sunny weather. We are busy clearing out the cupboards and drawers ready for our proposed move (should anyone EVER show any interest in buying our house :-S ). I think we've done pretty nearly all the cupboards once.  I am about to embark on a second round. 

We headed back to the Pot Luck Pantry yesterday for the lunch service.  I made a vegan "quiche" which wasn't bad for a first attempt but which needs a bit more work doing on it.  I think it might have been better to call it a tofu and asparagus pie rather than  a quiche.  We'll know for next time. It's all good experience - should I ever be minded to open any kind of eatery of my own!!!

Vegan tofu and asparagus pie. Photo (c) Freyja
In the meantime, Marlo seems to be enjoying life. When the weather is warm and sunny, he moves around his various sun sleeping spots.  When it isn't, he has found satisfactory sleeping spots inside.

Ironing is very wasteful of electricity.
I will sleep on the ironing pile to prevent you being wasteful

New clothes!
A new white t-shirt.

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