Saturday, March 19, 2016

Well now, that was an exciting week

Lots of things happened.

On Monday, of course, it was Cally's birthday and we went out for a celebration dinner with her.

On Tuesday, late in the afternoon, Sharon from Strada Estates came and took lots of photos of our beautiful house, and we signed the paperwork that authorised them to put it on the market. She took some very beautiful photos:

All three photos taken by Sharon from Strada Estates for the brochure
On Wednesday I had lunch with Freyja. We went to Tok-you, which is rather confusingly a *Chinese* restaurant in the Sheffield City Centre.  It does very delicious food, although Freyja was a bit surprised to get little tiny chicken meatballs on her allegedly "vegetarian" tofu dish. Not that it was marked as suitable for vegetarians in the menu, but I don't think the Chinese waiter understood when Freyja asked for it to be meat-free (either that, or she didn't think of chicken as meat.  She does now!!)  They made Freyja another plate, which was meat-free.

On Thursday, the house went live on the Right Move property website. And Rupert and I went to the Open Afternoon that SHU was having for staff in their new building on Charles Street.  It's due to open for proper use after Easter but it was a really good idea to have the open afternoon so we could all go and have a look around.  It's seven storeys high, and has some fabulous views out over Sheffield

Looking across Arundel Gate from Level 7

Looking East-ish

I can see the Main building!

The Atrium follows the line of the old Brown Lane
and is crossed by open walkways on two sides of the building
On Friday the remnants of the D&S team went to the Training Restaurant for a French Menu for lunch. I am going to miss the Training Restaurant. The food and nutrition students do themed menus several times a year and the food is always very delicious and never very expensive, and the restaurant is ably run by the students.  

Oh - and the For Sale board went up at our place. I wonder if anyone will want to buy it.

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