Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cally's fifth birthday

It was Cally's birthday yesterday.  She is now a big, grown up five year old :)

By way of celebration her parents and baby brother, her aunt and Simon, her Gamma and Grandad Jim and family friends Nate and Duncan all met at Swanky Frank's for dinner after work (and school).  Swanky Frank's is an American style diner, which does American style diner type food.  In American sized portions!  On Mondays they have a magician who tours around the tables.  Yesterday the magician was a French bloke who was very good and who both puzzled and amused Cally a lot.

He came and did coin and card tricks while we were waiting for our starters and again while we were waiting for our main courses

Which pack of cards shall we choose?

Duncan and Nate, watching intently

Simon is wondering if he could replicate the trick
Freyja and Tabitha are fairly sure they can't!

Cally is just fascinated

They do a two course menu for £12 during the week.  The Builder had a starter and a main.  I had a main and a dessert. We intended to share the starter and the dessert.  Which we did.  But we really didn't need a large starter between us, followed by an ENORMOUS pizza each, followed by a sizeable chocolate ice cream sundae.  We have brought pretty much a complete pizza home with us. We will just have to have it tonight :)

Cally had the children's set menu, which was a pizza and a choice of dessert.  When they brought her dessert out, the two people waiting tables, and the magician came in with her plate, which was absolutely covered with tiny marshmallows and chocolate sauce and other sugary things, with a lit birthday candle on top.  We all sang happy birthday, including the two waiting staff and the magician.  Cally was very happy.  I'm not sure her parents will have enjoyed the sugar high followed by the sugar low, but there you go!  It was a good night and I was very impressed by the attention that was paid to Birthday Cally

Gareth, Freyja, Magician, Tabitha

Gareth and Cally with her pizza and a playing card magic trick

Tabitha and Flynn

Freyja and Cally

Mr Builder

Cally and her plate of sugar - I mean birthday chocolate

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