Thursday, March 31, 2016

Missing Marlo

We went to bed on Monday night, leaving Marlo lying in his accustomed late evening position - on the kindling basket, next to the fire.

We haven't seen him since.

He didn't come up overnight, as is/was his habit, and join us on our bed.

He wasn't about when I went down at 4:00 to turn off a lamp that had been accidentally left on.

I got up, feeling very uneasy, at 5:00 and went out with a torch looking for him.  There was no sign of him, but it was a bit too early to be stood outside calling him.

I went out again later, when it was proper;y light.  No sign of him.  He didn't respond to calls, or the special Marlo whistle.

The Builder and I have been out and walked up and down the local roads, calling him.  We have looked in the nearby fields and in the hedgerows.

He hasn't been at the door to greet us when we have come home.  He hasn't been in for food.  I have no sense of Marlo's presence anywhere.

Marlo is missing.

We miss Marlo.

Unless he comes home and tells us where he's been and what's been happening, I don't suppose we will ever know.

We are very, very sad

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