Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Weekend

We had a fairly quiet and peaceful Easter weekend.

We headed out to the Chatsworth Estate on Good Friday.  We haven't been out that way for ages. Mainly we go if we are intending to visit the Farm Shop and we haven't been there for months and months and months.  Since we discovered the excellent butcher at Marsh Green we've been going there, partly because he's a fabulous butcher and also because it is significantly closer.  But he's gone now and we haven't been all that impressed with the meat since he went.  So we thought a jaunt out to Chatsworth might be in order.  And it was very, very lovely.  Very springlike. The sun shone and everything.

We called at the supermarket on the way home and it was absolute bedlam.  Anyone would think it was about to close for 24 hours.  As, indeed, it was.  But not until closing time on Saturday.  There was no need for massive panic buying on Friday!!  We did not panic buy.  We bought the things on our list and went home.

We all gathered at Freyja and Simon's place for the Easter feast, and very delicious it was too.  Freyja and Simon cooked up a splendid vegan feast and we all had a very jolly time

Flynn's first Easter Feast

Simon and Freyja, relaxing after preparing the feast 

Freyja, Tabitha, Gareth and Friend Stephen

Cally eating cake

Grandad Jim and Flynn
It was a beautiful day on Sunday.  Then I looked out of Freyja and Simon's kitchen window - and saw this
Storm heading our way from the moors

Storm gathering strength
Then we got hail, sleet and wind!

Yesterday Storm Katie hit.  A misnomer for a storm if ever I heard one.  All the Katies I have ever known have been lovely, peaceable, friendly people.  Storm Katie, on the other hand, delivered gales, sleet, snow, hail, rain, more gales and general disruption all around the country.  I stayed inside and cleaned things!

Nobody has yet been to inspect our house with a view to buying it.  It is very disheartening keeping it clean and tidy for no real reason ;-(

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