Sunday, March 13, 2016

Tabitha and Flynn came in to meet me yesterday lunchtime.  We went to the market on The Moor in search of cauliflowers (none to be seen, apart from a small and sad looking one at £2.50, which we didn't buy!).  We bought chips and Taffa had a burger instead.

On our way to the market we saw this:

Apparently she was tightrope walking, back and forth, over the Owen Building in celebration of Sheffield's first Outdoor City weekend.  I can't say that I would want to be walking back and forth over the Owen Building all day, even on the actual roof.  Certainly not on what looked to be a fairly slack rope.  A cone of chips in the market seems a much better bet to me.

It's a beautiful day today.  Marlo is enjoying the sunshine quite a lot:

Right.  Must get on.  We need to go shopping, and I need to get lunch as ready as I can for tomorrow.

PS: We got back from doing the shopping and thought that the back passenger side tyre on the car was looking remarkably soft.  The Builder got out our gizmo that plugs into the cigarette lighter charger and checked the tyre pressure.  It was indeed, very low.  He checked the rest of the tyres.  They had plenty of pressure but absolutely no tread.  He's been to the tyre place up the road and bought new tyres.  This is good.  I want the car tomorrow morning and I am emphatically not driving it with tyres you can almost see through!!

While he was out, I made this:

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