Saturday, February 13, 2016

Looking forward to being a Lady Who Lunches (but frugally, of course!)

It's the half term school holiday in Sheffield this week. Apart from Wednesday, Tabitha has come into town on the bus each day with Cally and Flynn to do various things.  On Wednesday they went out to the Longshaw Estate instead

Cally's best bit of the holiday was when they came in to the children's library because there were books and games and toys - and university students in town doing craft activities and creative activities and music activities with passing children.

Photo taken by Tabitha

Her second favourite adventure of the holidays was today, when they came into town and had lunch with me.  We went to Bill's, which has only recently opened in the Sheffield  city centre and which Tabitha had recommended.  It does mighty fine food, is child and baby-friendly, and has cheery, amiable staff. 

I am looking forward to the time when I can have a leisurely lunch there, instead of having to dash back to work the second I had finished eating.  Tabitha, Cally and Flynn had no time constraints and were pondering dessert as I disappeared!

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