Friday, February 19, 2016

Happy birthday to the blog

It's the blog's birthday,  It's ten years old today!  Who would have thought it would have kept going for a whole decade.

I got on the bus this morning, waved my card over the card reader - and the card reader said it was invalid for travel :-S

I tried again but with the same result.

The bus driver tried.  No joy :-(

I went to borrow the bus fare from Julia, wondering what the problem was.  I knew that my ticket had run out the day before, but I had renewed it so it should have been *valid* for travel.  The bus driver ran a diagnostic on it.  See!  I have renewed it.  It's valid until the 17th of March.  Ah.  But from the 19th of February and not from the 18th ;-(  So not today then!

At least it was my error and not a fault on the smart card.  It took Julia weeks to sort it out when her smart card when bonkers. And it was lovely to see how many of the regular passengers on the bus also volunteered to lend me the bus fare, had Julia not had some spare cash about her person.

The Builder has been to the dentist to have another couple of teeth taken out and a new plate put in. This wouldn't have been particularly noteworthy except that unbeknownst to anyone he had an abscess under a tooth that had become very loose.  So rather than it practically falling out, it proved to be very resistant to coming out and hurt a verygreatdealindeed.  Anyway, it's out now and I have planned soft and sloppy menus for the next couple of days.

When he is not attending to his teeth, he has been decorating in the loungeroom with gusto. It's very nearly finished.  We can start to put things away, but there's no real point in putting most of the furniture back.  The carpet layers are coming next weekend and we'll just have to shift it again.

I wonder if the blog will still be going in another ten years.  And if it is - I wonder what it will be telling us

Happy birthday to the blog

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