Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Goodbye and thank you to our lovely allotment

Here is the allotment, still peaceful in its winter hibernation:

There are a few, tentative signs of spring (although there are more in the garden, oddly enough.  We have snowdrops, daffodils and even a few crocuses out in the garden).

Alas.  We won't be on the allotment once spring properly kicks in.  We gave notice of leaving it today. I hope the new allotment holders get as much pleasure and, of course, food from it as we have.

We will continue to grow a few vegetables.  It is our plan to plant up the garden as we would normally until we move out.  Not only will we get some benefit, but the new house holders will benefit too. And a planted garden always looks more enticing than a derelict one!
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