Monday, February 29, 2016

It was worse than moving house ...

It was, it really was.  Or at least, it was more tiring than moving house. I don't suppose it really carried quite the level of chaos and confusion that actually moving from one house to another carries. We didn't lose anything, or even misplace anything.  But it was very, very tiring. I can hardly move today!

The Builder has spent the last few days getting up as much of the old carpet and underlay as possible.

We got up bright and early on Saturday. I moved all the small furniture from the lounge room and dining room down into the cellar, and all the small furniture from the bedrooms into the bathroom. We weren't sure how the carpet fitters wanted to approach the task of re-carpeting all four major rooms in the house, so we left large bulky things where they were. But we did clear the lounge room.

We've moved the freezer, dresser and china cabinet into the kitchen.

We're busy moving furniture into the dining room from the lounge room

Front bedroom - almost ready

Back bedroom, definitely ready

You can see here where the hallway and wall used to be,
before the hall was assimilated into the lounge room
One big disadvantage of moving all the bulky dining room furniture into the kitchen was that we blocked off the fridge, so couldn't get to the milk for tea or coffee.  Fortunately, I have powdered milk on my baking shelves, and we could get to the kettle and the tea bags and coffee.  All was not entirely lost :)

Then the carpet fitters arrived

We've got new underlay, new carpet, new gripper strips, pretty much new everything.

The Builder, Marlo and I got out the way while the fitters got on with it

The fitters arrived at about half past ten and had gone again by about half past one. They did the upstairs first

Our bedroom, newly carpeted

Marlo inspecting the bedroom.
Fortunately - he approves
Then the fitters did the downstairs, while The Builder and I began sorting out upstairs.

It was more tiring than moving because if you are moving you just move the furniture onto a van, and then you move it into its new home when it arrives.  We spent most of the weekend moving things not once, not twice but several times.  We now have the lounge room, dining room and our bedroom more or less back together.  The spare room has the furniture back in place but needs properly setting up again.  We took the opportunity while the furniture was out to clean the skirting boards, and we have dusted and/or washed all the (appropriate) furniture.  It's all going to look very beautiful when every room is properly sorted out.

I think that Marlo thinks we have turned the whole house into an enormous bed for him.  With the new underlay and the new carpet, everything is soft and snuggly and cosy.  He just flops down wherever he happens to be and dozes off

He has even decided that the kindling basket is a cosy place to sleep!

It's quite interesting what the camera does to the colour of the carpet.  We have exactly the same carpet in every room.  It's a light fawn colour.  The camera so often turns it grey!  The photo of Marlo lying on the kindling basket is the colour the carpet actually is!

And here is the lounge room:

August, 2014

May, 2015

Saturday, February 27th, 2016

And now in its final manifestation
Sunday, February 28th, 2016

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