Monday, February 22, 2016

A very delicious weekend in Salisbury

We haven't been to see The Builder's mother for simply ages. Not since before we left on the World Birthday Tour. We've had a box of sweeties that we bought in Japan for her, just kicking about in the dining room.  So we booked ourselves into the Old Mill in Harnham and off we went on Saturday.

The Old Mill

We were in a room we haven't been in before.  It's a reduced price room because it's immediately over the bar.  It is true that we could hear quite a lot of bar chatter, but it didn't inconvenience us one bit. And the bar closes at 11, so it's not even as though it goes on into the night.  They do provide ear plugs, but we ignored those and I have to say that I slept very well indeed.  So much so that it was almost 6:00 when I woke up.  Normally I am awake by 5 (ridiculously early, I know, but as I have got older I have slowly transformed from my Owl of a mother into my Lark of a father). The room price is reduced because of an inconvenience that we didn't feel.  Bargain!

The dining room, Saturday evening

They do good food at the Old Mill.  Very tasty, it is.  They will also do child sized portions for people with smaller appetites, so Gwen was OK with her small plate of roast beef on Sunday.  They do not, however, do special plates for people whose mouths hurt and who therefore can't chew.  So I had tomato soup with a delicious crusty roll for a starter, followed by rib eye steak with sautéed potatoes and crunchy green beans for dinner on Saturday.  The Builder had the soup, minus the bread roll, followed by poached sea bass with crushed potatoes but not the Mediterranean vegetables that came with it.  I had a full English fry up with extra toast for Sunday breakfast.  The Builder had yoghurt and very soft and soggy weetbix followed by two poached eggs and no toast.  I had roast beef with roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and lots of yummy vegetables for lunch.  He had fish with crushed potatoes and mushy peas - oh and the mashed buttery swede that I found at the bottom of the vegetable tureen. He has lost quite a bit of weight in the last week.  For some reason, I have not!!!

My Sunday lunchtime view

Gwen seemed to enjoy her afternoon out. She's looking well, and quite perky. We took her on a drive out in the countryside before dropping her back at her home, which I think she also enjoyed.

Gwen and my Farley

We had a good weekend too.  We had good trips both down and up. We enjoyed our stay in the Old Mill.  It was good to see Gwen.  And before we left on Saturday we put everything back on the shelves in the lounge room and rehung the curtains.  The lounge room is starting to look loved again, although it still doesn't have its full complement of furniture.  The carpet layers are coming in 5 days time

Two Farleys and a rabbit (but which Farley is which???)

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