Tuesday, December 29, 2015

We came back to the flat after a very nice Sunday lunch in the Dava in Mount Martha.  Stella and Tony took us to Frankston and we caught the train. It's quite a nice journey from Frankston into town.  It takes about an hour.  Apart from a large group of very giggly and loud revellers (who really were old enough to know better than to be making all that racket on a train!) the trip back was uneventful.

The Builder has been thoroughly enjoying himself watching the Test Match at the MCG (on the telly - we didn't go wild and buy tickets!).  It is true that he could have done this at home, but he probably wouldn't.  Aside from the fact that it's winter and therefore football, not cricket season, most of the Melbourne test is played overnight if you are in the UK. He follows it, but doesn't actually watch it.  The chance to watch it has been something of a pleasure to him.  Mind you - he nearly had to watch it but not listen. I was changing the channels yesterday morning and the volume gradually decreased to the point that you couldn't hear anything at all!  A quick phone call to Ian fixed that.  Fortunately!

Lindsey and Ian arrived in the flat later in the afternoon, then a load of people lobbed in for dinner in the evening.  The customary steak had been procured at Chadstone (it might have been a public holiday yesterday, but the Chadstone Shopping Centre was absolutely packed). Lindsey made a salad.  We had roast potatoes on the side.  And today Lindsey has returned to work after over a month off.  Ian has gone to reclaim his laptop, which had to go to hospital for a new screen after it got dropped. And we are sat in the sunshine, admiring the view and contemplating the day.

This is what happens when you put lots of little bottles of tonic water in the freezer and forget about them for 12 hours

It wasn't me who forgot the tonic water!!

It's a great pity this happened a mere day after I had defrosted and cleaned out the freezer.  It had to be done all over again - but much more excitingly :-D

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