Monday, December 14, 2015

Let the World Birthday Tour commence

The rest of my week off at home trundled along uneventfully.  A man came to replace a slate that had blown off the roof during he gales. We remembered to ask Bev Nextdoor to look after the chooks and ducks. We tidied the house. I remembered to clean the fridge and, rather startlingly, the oven. We met Tabitha, Gareth and Cally at Cally's school Christmas fair. And then, suddenly, it was Saturday, and time to fly. It was raining as we left.

We flew with Lufthansa, Manchester to Frankfurt, then Frankfurt to Singapore. I looked at the hordes and hordes of people waiting to board the flight to Singapore. The noisy hordes. The shrieking children. I listened to the hubbub and kerfuffle. And I went to the enquiry desk and bought an upgrade to premium economy! (I couldn't afford business class and even if I could, I couldn't have done it from the enquiry desk.). But premium economy was more than adequate. Nice and quiet. Nice and comfortable. Extra leg room for The Builder. The only issue was that we were in the middle of the central section, sandwiched between a bloke who seemed to sleep the whole way and a burly German bloke who watched films the whole way. But this wasn't much of an issue. And I was all the happier when I discovered that I could get wifi ON THE PLANE. All the way up in the sky. Over a rather large ocean. How exciting was that? It was turned off when we were near China's air space but other than that it was sturdy and fast.

And now we are in Singapore. It as raining when we got here.

But at least it was warm rain. And it had stopped when we stepped out of the place we are staying in search of milk and wine. We've stayed here before and haven't previously realised that the building across the street houses a large supermarket in its basement. So very handy!  We're in Singapore for just one day and I've booked us onto a coach out to the the zoo complex.  We've done the Night Zoo with Lindsey. We've done the Singapore Zoo. Today we are off to the third and last of the zoos, which is themed on major world rivers. Then we will have run out of zoos. What shall we do next time?

The wifi here last night was dreadful. So slow that it was practically non-existent. I was almost tempted to get back on a Lufthansa plane so I could use the rest of my day's super fast High in the Sky wifi allowance!

This morning it seems to be fine. Mind you, it is only half past five. I assume everyone else is still asleep!

The view from our room. We're not looking out over water. That's the sports fields

The Singapore Recreation Centre, ready for Christmas

In the meantime, back in Woodseats, Marlo seems to be feeling at home

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