Sunday, December 27, 2015

After Christmas

People all got up much earlier than is usually the case on Boxing Day.  Ant needed to get back to town so he could go to the Boxing Day test match at the MCG. Matt, Belinda, Sage and William were off to Kaniva to see Belinda's mum.  Sue was off to Bendigo to visit friends. Simon and co were heading into Ballarat to meet a mate for coffee and then heading home.  Wendy went off with Christian and Cassie.  And Tony, Stella, The Builder and I were heading down to Geelong to catch the ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento, and then back to Mount Martha. Leaving Lindsey, Ian and Sam in what I assume was a much appreciated peace and quiet.

About 8 km from Queenscliff, Tony decided that he needed a loo stop.  We had passed a service station a little while back but hadn't stopped, and no one was quite sure where the loos are in Queenscliff.  So he pulled up alongside some scrubland, which had lots of nice ti-trees forming a hedge that he could go behind.  I have to say, it didn't look particularly stable to me.  Lots of dead branches, foot traps and things.  Not stable at all.  As Tony discovered when he caught his foot in something and toppled over, into a dead ti-tree lying in the way :-S  This was all a bit disconcerting!  Fortunately, The Builder and I were there and eventually managed to get him up (it was The Builder who did most of it.  Happily he is tall, bulky and quite strong!).  I think it probably took about ten minutes to get Tony up and sort it all out.  Ten minutes after that, we were in Queenscliff, passing by a lovely block of public loos!!!

We caught the 13:00 ferry by the skin of our teeth.  Not that it would have mattered particularly - they run every hour.  But we were if not the last car on, then the second last. It was remarkably empty, although I suppose Boxing Day was the Saturday of what is a four day long weekend this year.  I guess most people aren't planning to head home until Monday.  It was a very pleasant crossing and we arrived back at Mount Martha in time for a light, late lunch.

But let there be no more scampering up scrubby slopes in search of relief stops.  Let us all use the find-a-loo app on our phones in future :-D

Tony and I went to the Sunday service at the Mount Martha church this morning.  A much better experience.  No 30 minute sermon, proper hymns - we even said some prayers. No temptation towards vicar smiting this morning!

It's nearly lunch time.  We are all off to the pub, then The Builder and I are heading back to Melbourne. It's beginning to get a bit hard to work out what day it is - and where we are supposed to be!!

Crossing Port Phillip Bay on Boxing Day

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