Tuesday, December 15, 2015


We had a lovely day in Singapore. And to make it even lovelier, it didn't rain - or at least not very much!

I had bought us coach and entry tickets out to the River Safari Park, one of the three zoo complexes in Singapore. And it was lovely. It's a zoo themed on the major rivers of the world. And we really enjoyed it.

We saw two of these

Two of these

And lots of these

We saw lots of other animals and fish too but it's almost impossible to sort out the photos on my iPad. I'll do a proper album when I have access to a desktop computer next week.

We went on a boat tour of the reservoir that the zoo is built around, which was interesting. Then we went on the Amazon Quest which was lots of fun. The people at the front of the boat got quite splashed as we set off down quite a steep watery slope. There were lots of animals to look at on both tours.

We have now done all the Singapore zoos. What will we do next time?

We were pottering around in Suntec City and went into a cookware shop. A bloke came up to us and asked if we were Australian. The Builder said that I was.  "Aha," said he. "Thought so! You have a hat. The Australians all wear hats!"

And then it was time to go. And now we have arrived in Darwin, very early in the morning. I had asked for an early checkin but hadn't heard anything back, so wasn't sure what time they would let us check in. I was therefore very pleased when we got here at around 6:00 this morning to find that they were ready, willing and perfectly happy to let us in. We are in a little apartment with a tiny living, kitchen area, a bed alcove, a bathroom and some fabulous views. Not a bad discovery on my part!

Our room with a view, Darwin

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