Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lazy Days

One of the nice things about being on holiday in the summer and not having anything that you particularly need to do is that you can have long leisurely mornings that pass by gently. The Builder and I have been waking quite early and just drifting along until lunch time.

Yesterday we went with Ian on the tram to Lygon Street, intending to have lunch at Papa Gino's. Alas, Papa Gino's is closed until mid-January. Quite a lot of the pizzerias, cafes and restaurants along Lygon Street were closed for a couple of weeks.  I'm sure the business holders know what they're doing, but I have to say that I would have been open.  There are lots of holiday makers around and the businesses that were open were absolutely packed. I appreciate that everyone needs a holiday from time to time but my worry would be that regular customers would go elsewhere because I was closed, and then potentially not come back.

Marinara pizza at Cafe Notturno

Anyway, we went elsewhere and had quite a pleasant lunch and then pottered off to see if we could get an iPad mini in the post Christmas sales to replace The Builder's Hudl which he has never really got on with. Lately the battery life has been absolutely pathetic and takes for ever to recharge. We got an iPad mini 2, which he seems much happier with.

After Lindsey got back from work we walked down to The Fox, where we met Simon, Jacob, Ant and Jess for dinner. The chip test was passed with flying colours. The T-bone steak I had was very tasty.  I even ate the salad!

Steak and chips at The Fox in Collingwood

Farley is attracting the puzzled attention of particularly the children who wander past and see him sitting near me, or on the table, or travelling in my backpack. So far, happily, no one has tried to steal him!

Another day, another lunch spot.  Today has been another fairly lazy day, enjoying the sunshine and the leisurely lifestyle.  Ian suggested that we go to the Boathouse Cafe in Studley Park for lunch.  So we did!  It was quite hot when we got there but we were by the Yarra and there was a pleasant breeze.  And rather nice food

Wednesday's lunch spot

But that's enough of this lazing about.  We are about to help ourselves to Lindsey's car and take ourselves off to Geelong for the night.  And thus commences a few days of moving around quite a bit. (Not that we have stolen Lindsey's car for all of that - only for tonight!!)  Time is beginning to get away and the schedule is busy now until we leave for Cairns next Thursday, en route to Japan.

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