Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Report

We had really rather a nice weekend. It was quite gentle.

We took Freyja and Simon for their inaugural visit to Costco on Saturday morning. We usually go on Fridays, after I have finished work and have never been on a Saturday before.  It was really quite remarkably busy!  And I should probably have sorted out the freezer, the store cupboards and the pantry before we went. All of the Costco and supermarket shopping had to sit about waiting, while I emptied, defrosted and re-organised the freezer when we got home.  While I was about it, I sorted out the pantry and the two kitchen store cupboards.  They all look beautiful now. I'm not sure what Freyja and Simon did with all their shopping.  We offloaded it in their lounge room when we dropped them off and their kitchen is downstairs, more or less in the basement.

It being a beautiful winter's day yesterday, we went for a walk in the morning. Not a long walk, but a very pleasant one.  We might have walked longer, but I wanted some cider for my slow roasted pork and if we didn't get that under way relatively early, we wouldn't be eating until well into the evening. Besides, we wanted to start tidying the driveway. Now that we've started the process, we would quite like to get it finished. The Builder is hoping to start widening the gateway today, if the weather holds. And we should be able to have the tarmac put down fairly soon after we've got the space ready. I don't think it will cost a huge lot - and we won't pay extra to have all the pretty things that some people have done to their drives.

Come on part of our walk with us:

Frosty hedgerow

Light covering of snow in the field

The sky was a glorious shade of deep blue

Frozen pond

A close up, so you can see the bullrushes

Winter landscape

Looking back towards Tupton

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