Thursday, January 01, 2015

Farewell to 2014

The last couple of days of the year passed nice and slowly. The Builder de-snowed the car yesterday and we drove slowly and cautiously to Tesco for a few supplies. We had been thinking about Sainsbury's but we were still unsure that we would get up Hag Hill and Twitter had alerted me to an accident down by the Wingerworth pub which had half the main road blocked.  There was an accident on the way into Clay Cross as well, which ha happened moments before we went past.  Fortunately, it didn't cause massive traffic problems and there was a police officer controlling the traffic when we came back.

We bought some worming tablets for the cat while we were out.  I mashed one up and put it in some tasty food for him.  He recoiled from the tasty food as though we had put poison in it.  Which I suppose, from his point of view, we had!  So we tried to force a second one down his throat.  For an exciting moment or two we thought we had succeeded.  Then he spat it out :-S  The cat won! But I will win in the end.  I shall take him to the vet and let the vet give him a tablet :-D

Today we slithered and slipped up to the bus stop and went into town.  I have discovered that there is a small Oriental supermarket tucked away down a side street, off the main shopping streets in Chesterfield.  Much more convenient than driving into Sheffield when Oriental supplies are called for and I am not at work.  It took ages to find it, but we did eventually.  And it will certainly do for supplies, although I think I will still mostly use the Sheffield ones. They're bigger and better stocked with the sorts of things I am likely to be looking for. But it will certainly save us having to go all the way into Sheffield when I need tofu or curry sauces and am at home.  Then we slipped and slithered up to the Market Hall and thence to The Rutland for a spot of lunch. We should have worn our walking shoes rather than our ordinary outside shoes.  The Builder nearly tipped over several times while we were mooching about!

And so home, where we have passed a quiet afternoon and evening.  We watched the New Year fireworks in Paris and Berlin (on the telly box - we don't have access to an Instantaneous Matter Transfer Device, alas).  The Builder has gone to bed.  I am just waiting for the London fireworks to appear on the telly and then I too will declare the day and the year over.

Many people have said that they will be glad to see the back of 2014.  It wasn't too bad a year for me.  Unremarkable in many ways. Mostly I quite enjoyed it.  I think that 2015 may well have some "interesting" moments for me.  But I hope that it is generally a happy year for us all.
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