Tuesday, January 06, 2015

And Back to the Usual Routine

I sighed slightly to myself as I turned all the weekday alarms back on on Sunday morning. I had started to quite enjoy the lack of structure to life over the two weeks I had been off but (largely) at home.  Then I turned my face towards Sunday and forgot about getting up on Monday morning. Until Monday Morning!!

I enjoyed Sunday.  We didn't do anything much. I had given a bit of thought to going out and digging over one of the flower beds, preparatory to replanting it in the spring.  But everything was frozen. No snow, but a hard, hard frost.  So I didn't bother.  We went to Marsh Green instead and pottered about indoors and generally pootled.

And then it was Monday morning.  It was dark, dark, dark when the first alarm went.  It was dark when the second alarm went.  It was dark when we left to take me to the station.  And I don't mind being at work so much, it's the haste and bustle and purposefulness of the pre-work morning that came as something of a shock. It always does, of course. But I had got used to thinking: well, I'll just do this and then I'll have a cup of tea and then I'll do that and then I'll have a sit down and read a bit of my book and then ....  Mind you, I am not sure that a completely unstructured life would really be very good for us. There's only so much sitting about you can do in a day or week or month or lifetime :D

We're taking Marlo to the vet today. I suspect he has arthritis in his back legs and I want to get him checked over.  He can't jump properly any more and one of his back legs seems unstable.  Plus, of course - I want him to have that worming tablet that he wouldn't let me give him the other day. The vet can give it to him.  Although, I don't know what I am going to do if the vet decides he needs tablets to improve his bounce and his back leg :S:S:S:S:S
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