Sunday, January 11, 2015


The weather yesterday morning was absolutely horrible. It was very, very, very, VERY windy, which was accompanied by some quite strong showers. We were at Bishops' House in the morning and weren't expecting any visitors at all.  We wouldn't have gone to look at a little museum in that weather, and particularly not when the forecast for the afternoon was much better. The only reason we were there is because we had said we would be!   So it definitely made us jump when the door flew open and in came three people!!! It was just as well we were open - they had come from just north of Derby to have a look around.

Meersbrook Park from Bishops' House
At 1pm the afternoon team turned up to relieve us and we took ourselves off to Paul and Carol's place for a delicious late lunch.  They had cooked Moroccan style food: saffron rice, Moroccan meatballs with lemon and a chickpea and vegetable tagine. It was lovely food and a convivial afternoon.  We didn't feel the need for any dinner yesterday evening :-D  Paul baked the rice in a covered dish with some water. I usually use an absorption method but the baked method was really lovely. I might give it a go.

It's a much nicer day today. It's still a bit windy, but nothing like it was yesterday. And the sun is shining.  We might go out in a bit for a potter around
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