Thursday, January 08, 2015

Marlo Visits the Vet

We took Marlo to the vet yesterday evening. He wasn't very happy about being put into his cat basket. In fact, it is mostly used as a chicken and duck basket. It's excellent when we want to bring new poultry home because it's plastic, so easily cleaned, and impossible for animals to break out of if it is properly shut. Not that Marlo tried to escape after we had convinced him to go in. He sat on his blanket, watching through the grille and only miaowed once or twice in the car. He even seemed quite interested while we were waiting in the clinic's waiting room.

The vet was lovely. She was gentle with Marlo and talked to him nicely and examined him thoroughly. She thinks he might have mild hip dysplasia and arthritis in his spine.  She would only be sure if she ran some scans, but Marlo would have to be anaesthetised for that and I think it's cruel to anaesthetise and animal to no real point. Even if we knew for sure he had hip dysplasia and arthritis all we could do would be to give him anti-inflammatories. And the vet prescribed those anyway.

Marlo was much less reluctant to get in the cat basket when it was time to come home!

He's had two lots of the anti-inflammatories and seems to be a bit brighter. I think he's moving a bit better too.  He's a bit miffed though because the vet says that he's a bit overweight and needs to lose some weight. Less food in his bowl and fewer cat treats!

Oh - and the vet gave him his worming tablet in two seconds flat!!!
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