Monday, September 01, 2014


It was an absolutely glorious day yesterday. The sun shone in a dazzlingly blue sky. It was warm, with a gentle breeze. After a week which had been definitely autumnal in feel, it was an unexpected burst of late summer weather.  So we did all of the usual Sunday morning things, and then we went for a walk through the nature reserve, then back alongside the little track that runs along the river Rother.  It was really lovely.

And then we spent the afternoon sat outside in the sunshine. We had salmon and chips for lunch, and a glass or two of wine, still sat outside in the sunshine. It was an excellent way of spending a Sunday

It was, in fact, a leisurely, possibly even lazy weekend. It was the first weekend for absolutely ages for which we had no plans. So we didn't really do anything very much at all apart from potter about.  I must say, it is very nice to have the occasional very lazy weekend.  But I was supposed to clean the lounge room window - and didn't.  And I was going to dust the whole house - and didn't./  I was also intending to turn out the upstairs cupboards. That didn't happen either.  Still, I suppose it's not too late to do any of those things. Later! And also, there is now another bag of apples that needs turning into apple sauce.  I'll perhaps do that this evening
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