Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Tuesday dawned drizzly and chilly and quite gloomy.  Fortunately, we had pretty much nothing planned for the day so it didn't really worry us very much.

I peeled, cored and chopped a mountain of Bramley apples and made them into apple sauce.  There are none left in the house - but there are at least as many again on the tree on the allotment and twice as many on the tree in the orchard garden :-S

I made a huge big pot of chicken and cider stew, which is now portioned out and in the freezer, ready for ready meal emergencies.

I made up several vegetable stew bags with tomatoes, runner beans and zucchinis.

And I made a not-Sunday roast chicken for us to have for our main meal of the day.

The weather cleared up and the sun came out and it turned into a lovely late summer (or early autumn) afternoon and evening. And I escaped from the kitchen!

And that was the end of my week and a bit off work.  The alarms have all been turned back on, the radio has been instructed to come on in time for the morning Shipping Forecast.  And the Silly Season at work is beckoning from the horizon.  It's going to be even sillier this year because one of our team is on maternity leave and another is retiring.  So we will be two bodies down when the chaos that is October hits us :-S

Freyja, who went exploring in South East Asia and Australia last December and who has spent most of this year studying and working in California, is now back in Sheffield.  I think this has come as something of a shock to her system!
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