Monday, September 15, 2014

Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul (but without the tea :-( )

I went home from work on Friday feeling a bit scratchy.  Scratchy throat, scratchy eyes, that sort of thing.  I didn't pay huge attention though, only enough to think that if I were going to get sick then *next* week would be much more amusing from my point of view, given that it's the first week of term and we're all quite busy.

Still a bit scratchy on Saturday, but not enough to prevent me popping to the shops and pottering around and doing a bit of cooking and a bit of baking.

I went to bed very early on Saturday night, leaving an entire glass of wine undrunk!

And I heard the 9:00 news on the radio.  I heard the 10:00 news.  I heard the 11:00 news and the midnight news.  I heard the Radio-4-is-closing-down-and-going-to-bed Shipping Forecast, and the 1:00 news.  And I arose on Sunday morning, after not really very much sleep at all, quite remarkably well informed about the state of the world, matters historical, matters poetical and many other matters, thanks to the truly wonderful BBC World Service. And my legs ached and my back ached and my eyes ached.  It was a long, long, long night.  With, alas, no tea.

Not as bad as the poor Builder, though, who woke up after a sound sleep on Saturday night but with a vigorously sore throat and absolutely no voice!  He still has a sore throat and no voice.  And I have developed a Kofffffffffffff.

Can't be Freshers' Flu, though.  They haven't arrived yet. They come next weekend, in time for the start of term on Monday week.

It's going to be fun this year.  Not only has Paul left (they held a departmental reception for him, and two others on Thursday afternoon with speeches and presentations and wine and nibblies) and Caroline is still on maternity leave and refusing all suggestions that she might like to come back early - but the law librarian has now been hospitalised. If he doesn't get better and back to work in very short order we're really, really going to have fun!!

The car has gone in for its annual service and for its MOT.  So far it hasn't got as far as the MOT and it's already had to have two new tyres!!  I'm trying to decide whether to walk home from the station this afternoon or whether to take the bus.

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