Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Merriment

Earlier in the week, Tabitha sent me a message asking what we were doing at the weekend.  Well, nothing in particular. Tabitha suggested that they might all three come out on Saturday afternoon and stay over night.  And that is what they did.

They arrived mid Saturday afternoon and we had a potter around and then walked up to inspect a children's playground which is off QVR up near the main roundabout.  Cally went on her balance bike and we all had a lovely time playing on the swings and the slide.

The ducks and the chickens and Marlo stayed at home and pottered about in the garden.

On Sunday we got up and had cheesy omelettes with bacon and toast and tomatoes for breakfast.  We spoke to Stella and Tony on Skype.  Taffa, Gaz and Cally went out for some extra supplies while I got on with preparing lunch.  They came back bearing, amongst other things, hummus and ginger.  This caused some confusion when we were talking to Lindsey and Ian on Skype - they thought we meant that Cally had come back with hummus and Ginger Rich.  But no - we meant actual root ginger.  It is difficult to make lemon and ginger chicken when you don't have any ginger!

It was a beautiful, early autumn morning so The Builder lit the barbecue.  Nate and Duncan came by at lunchtime and helped us eat lunch. We had lamb kebabs and chicken kebabs, and pork kebabs and butterflied prawns, with potatoes and salad and wine and beer and orange juice, followed by Peppa Pig cupcakes that Taffa and Cally had made, and an apple and blackberry pie that I had made.  It was a lovely afternoon, in the sunshine.

I was a tiny tad tired this morning, even though I slept remarkably well last night.  I think it was the making of all those kebabs!
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