Monday, September 01, 2014

End of summer report

We have had an excellent harvest of runner beans this year

There are pumpkins growing in the greenhouse on the allotment, and on these plants out in the open in the vegetable garden

There are lots of grapes on the way - they're not quite ripe yet

My little "courtyard" garden

We are now getting duck eggs as well as chicken eggs.  The ducks seem to be quite happy, although Hoisin is still wishing to express his affection towards Curry the chicken in a way that she thinks is unacceptable! I'm hoping that now that Fennel and Celery are older, he may turn his attention away from Curry and towards them

We really must do something about the grass growing in the fruit bush beds!!!

We have had an absolutely excellent crop of tomatoes this year, both in the greenhouse on the allotment and out in the garden.

Our zucchini harvest, although adequate, hasn't been as prolific as I would have liked. I like to freeze tomatoes, onions and zucchinis together ready for winter ratatouilles. This year it's going to be mainly tomato, onion and runner beans!

I really must pot on these strawberry runners. And trim back the lavender.

We have also had a good crop of carrots this year, and a positive mountain of bramley apples. But no cherries, plums or peaches. Might be just as well - the freezer is already almost full and there is still stuff to come.
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