Friday, May 23, 2014

The rest of the week

Mostly, this week has been warm and sunny and almost summery.  It was a beautiful day on Sunday. We didn't do very much though.  I had thought about lighting the barbecue again but decided to cook inside on my griddle instead.  Mostly we spent the day planting things, both on the allotment and at home.  I'll put that onto the garden blog, if you want to find out more.

The lovely weather continued on through the week.  I came to work. The Builder went to the allotment and worked there and in the garden.  I went to my Japanese class. The Builder stayed at home and watched telly. The week progressed, warm and sunny and summery.  I moved the summer clothes into our wardrobes and the winter clothes into storage.

Then yesterday the wind and rain and low temperatures returned with a vengeance! It absolutely poured. We managed to get to the village hall to vote in the European Elections without getting drowned, but only because we chose our moment.  I came into work a little later than usual.  I was rostered as the Duty Librarian from 5-7 and didn't feel it necessary to turn up at my usual time of 8 - 8:15!!  The Builder sat at home, in the dry for most of the day.  I stayed in and around the office, also in the dry. And after I had finished my frantically busy shift as Duty Librarian (not a single enquiry came my way :-D ) I trundled back to Chesterfield on the train, where The Builder met me.  We tried to have dinner at The Three Cottages, but the car park was full and the place was fully booked.  So we went to The Wingerworth instead and had remarkably nice fish and chips with a couple of glasses of wine.  A pleasant end to a wet and windy day.

It's still raining.  It's still windy. It's still on the chilly side (I have put my cardigan away and put on a jumper!).  It's a long weekend this weekend.  The schools are on half term next week.  I expect the warm, sunny weather will return on about Monday week!!

It's been a week for birthdays, some quite significant.  As well as Steve's 50th birthday last week and Penny's not 50th birthday on Saturday, it was my brother Simon's 50th birthday on Wednesday, The Builder's grandaughter's 16th birthday also on Wednesday and my brother in law Ian's not quite so significant birthday yesterday.  He and Freyja celebrated it by going on what looked like a fantastic wine train tour in California
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