Saturday, May 24, 2014

Garden update

I have planted out the pumpkin, tomato, squash and zucchini seedlings.  Oh, and one small watermelon seedling.  The heritage tomato seedlings are mostly in the greenhouses up on the allotment, apart from three that didn't fit.  I've also put in one pumpkin seedling and the little watermelon seedling.  Everything else is in the garden back at the house.

The tiny leek seedlings have mostly been eaten by slugs and snails, as have my golf ball carrots, which were in troughs in the driveway.  I have planted more golf ball carrot seeds, but it's a bit late for leek seeds.  We might go to the garden centre and see if they have any seedlings.  The sweet corn is struggling a bit.  I think I might just plant that directly out, rather than potting it on first, and see how it goes.

The asparagus in the first bed we planted is doing really well.  We are getting asparagus every couple of days or so.  However, only two or three of the plants in the second bed are producing and it seems a bit wasteful to have one whole bed set aside for not much purpose.  We are thinking we might just dig it over and put the sweet corn in there.  We could transplant any asparagus plants we find alive.  This is, of course, not an ideal time to do it, but we might give it a go and let them take their chances.

I have weeded my way up most of the side  path in the flower garden, and have also weeded about half the patio.  The ongoing rain that we've been beset by has made it hard to get out to weed - but does make it easier to tease weeds out from between the bricks!  I am losing the weeding battle with the bindweed.  The next time I am at home and it is not raining and not forecast to rain - I shall take to chemical warfare and a paint brush.  I don't want the hollyhocks, daisies and other pretty things to be collateral damage in my battle against the pernicious bindweed!

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