Tuesday, October 15, 2013


It started raining pretty much as I got home on Friday afternoon. And it has more or less only just stopped!

It poured on Saturday and when it wasn't pouring it was grey and dismal and damp.  I didn't set one single foot outside the house on Saturday.  I sent The Builder to the dairy to get milk and bread and, since he was already wearing a coat and outdoor shoes, I sent him down the garden to feed the chickens and ducks.  We did not go to the library to return my very-nearly-due books.

We had to go out on Sunday. We needed some stuff from the supermarket. So we chose our moment carefully and went out when it was merely drizzling rather than pouring.

Most fortunately for them,. Christian and Simon were right on the other side of the Pennines in the Lake District intending to spend a couple of days walking. The weather over there wasn't anything like as wet and they did get some walking in. Quite a lot of walking.  I think on Sunday they managed 30 km in total.

Christian is on his way back to Melbourne now. And Simon, rather than loitering alone and friendless in Manchester, is coming to our place today rather than tomorrow.  I must go to my Japanese class tonight though. If I miss two in a row I'll never catch up!

Our lovely next door neighbours have put their house on the market.  An estate agent's board is outside, inviting strangers to come in and buy it ;(
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