Saturday, October 19, 2013

And just like buses ...

... you have no Aussie visitors for months and then two turn up more or less together :-D

This time it was Simon, over for a conference in Liverpool.  We were expecting him at some time on Wednesday but he found himself alone and loitering in Manchester on Tuesday after Christian had gone home and decided to come to us a day early.  I was at work but he and The Builder met up at the Chesterfield station, had lunch in the Rutland and a potter about in Chesterfield and then headed home.

It was raining on Wednesday.  I was once again at work, so Simon and The Builder went out to the Chatsworth grounds and had lunch in the Devonshire in Pilsley. I don't think Simon got the full extent fo the view though. It was quite foggy as well as rainy.

On Thursday everybody took the day off work and we all went on the train to York. We met Taffa, Gaz and Cally at the station in Sheffield and trundled through the glorious sunshine northwards.  Our journey was somewhat enlivened by the realisation, as the train set off, that we had LOST Cally's much beloved Hello Kitty doll. Obviously nobody had seen her drop it or we would have picked it up. We searched the train and the bags.  The conductor rang Sheffield station but they didn't have it.  Hello Kitty was GONE :-S  And then suddenly and miraculously she turned up (phew). She had fallen down the side of the seat, out of view - until Cally put her hand down and found it.  Disaster averted!

We had a lovely time in York.  We had lunch in the old Starre Inn and went round the newly refurbished Jorvik exhibition.  We had afternoon tea in a coffee shop on the market square and a lovely wander around.  Then we all came home, Hello Kitty firmly in a back pack!

Yesterday was a gloomy day but not a wet day.  We went into Sheffield and collected Taffa and Cally (Gaz couldn't get the day off work) and went out to Bakewell.  Lunch in yet another pub (back to the Peacock) and then a potter around the shops, then up the hill to the church. At one point Cally said: "Where's Gamma's hat?"  I had left my absolutely brand new hat (which I had bought in York) in the pub!!!  I ran back to get it.  So many near misses with lost things!! We called into the Chatsworth Farm shop for emergency bacon supplies (we had run out at home and we've been having bacon sandwiches for breakfast while Simon has been with us), took Taffa and Cally home and then went out to The Nettle for a magnificent steak for Simon and me. But no chips ;-(  They gave us sauteed potatoes instead. Very nice sauteed potatoes - but not chips ;-(

Simon has headed off to his conference in Liverpool now.  And I think The Builder and I may have to give up on the pub lunches and dinners for a bit.  My trousers appear to be shrinking ever so slightly :-D

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