Monday, October 07, 2013


Bigger than a catastrophe. Much, much bigger than a kittenastrophe.  A DISASTER!!

Our lovely, lovely neighbours are MOVING.  Leaving! Going ;-(

They're moving to a single level place down Ankerbold Road somewhere.

I must admit that my very first thought was: "But you can't. Who's going to look after Marlo?"  But Steve says that they're only going to be a mile or so away and he can still feed Marlo and the birds.

So that's a relief.

But it's still not good news. They are excellent neighbours.  We will just have to hope that the new ones are as good.

In other news, we were at Bishops' House on Saturday morning, where there was a small art exhibition. This meant that we had loads of visitors. And I was working at the SHU open day on Sunday (where we had loads and loads and loads of visitors).

I did not clean, tidy, dust and polish the house in readiness for Christian's arrival on Wednesday.

I did, though, make up the spare bed so at least he'll have somewhere to sleep :-P
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