Monday, October 21, 2013

It's very quiet at our place now!

So The Builder and Simon headed off to Liverpool in the car and I, somewhat ironically, caught the train to Liverpool.  Except that I got off at Sheffield instead of heading the whole way. In the interest of ever actually being able to buy tickets to Melbourne for Stella's 80th birthday, I had arranged to work another University Open Day.  I quite enjoy doing the Open Days.  The visitors who come tend to be happy and amiable.  It's rather nice being able to show off our completely renovated library. People who have previously been students here, or who have previously had sons or daughters here. are often speechless by the changes we've made.

I must say though that by the end of the day I was beginning to forget what I had said to each group of people and was either repeating myself or forgetting things!

No pub lunch or pub dinner on Saturday.

Nor on Sunday. Instead we went out to Marsh Green armed with another spend-more-than-£50-and-get-£10-off voucher and stocked up with meat for the freezer.  Slow roasted pork for us, instead of heading out for lunch. Although we nearly had to go out anyway - I managed to drop my plate of food all over the kitchen floor. Fortunately, I had done enough for Simon as well - but of course he wasn't there.

I had been woken up yesterday morning at 3:00 by wind and rain and tempest.  I had not gone back to sleep.  By 6:00 I was up, showered, dressed, had done the washing and the ironing, tidied the kitchen and made a start on the spare bed!! I tried to put the doona from the spare bed into the washing machine. It hasn't ever been washed, as far as I can remember. It wouldn't fit.  No matter what I did, I couldn't squish it in. So it's hanging outside on the washing line in the wind and rain and tempests in the hope that that will freshen it up a bit :-)  So if you're planning on coming to stay over the next week or two, I've got sheets and pillow cases (and pillows) and a small blanket on the bed, but you might need to bring a doona with you!

Busy week ahead this week. Lots of classes with the new Geography and Environment students and with the final year construction and surveying students.  I think I should probably start the week with a nice cup of energising coffee.
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