Monday, October 28, 2013

Busy, busy, busy - and then nice and quiet

Last week was probably the busiest week of my year. Normally I can feel the Autumn Term Block Week from - oh November or so, hovering quietly on the horizon, waiting to pounce and chew me up. This year, however, it approached almost silently.  I wasn't even particularly dreading it the weekend before.  This might have something to do with the visits of both Christian and Simon. But even when the week arrived I wasn't particularly dismayed.  And truth be told, this year I really quite enjoyed it. Not sure what was different this year to other years, but it all went smoothly, the students were engaged and appeared to be interested. It was all good.

And the week went extremely quickly!

Suddenly it was the weekend again - and this time we had absolutely no plans at all.  We went out to Marsh Green to collect the chicken pieces we had ordered the week before. We went to the supermarket. We went to The Nettle for a spontaneous lunch (where I broke with tradition and had a pork steak - and chips! - rather than my more usual burger, fish or pie; and very delicious it was too). We pottered about at home on Sunday. The Builder watched the Grand Prix, we remembered to put the clocks back, we ate roast chicken and apple pies, we succeeded in not getting caught in any of the rain showers. It was just a very gentle, very pleasant weekend.

There are tremendous storms battering the south of England as we speak. There are no storms here.  No wind. Even the rain isn't particularly noteworthy. It's persistent and steady but not excessive. It seems to be much more exciting further down though. The photos on Twitter make me quite glad to be in Derbyshire and Yorkshire today (I live in Derbyshire and work in Yorkshire) rather than Dorset or Devon.

Oh - I've bought some of the tickets for the Jumping Around in the Time Zones adventure. We fly from Manchester to Singapore on January 18th, then Singapore to Melbourne on the 22nd.  We're due back into Manchester on February 18th.

I wonder how many sleeps that is.
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