Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunday Lunch on a Saturday

So, Freyja, Duncan and Nate rolled up on Saturday at about half past one.  I had managed to drag myself out of bed.  I had managed to get dressed.  I had even managed to prepare lunch.  And we had a lovely afternoon, eating and drinking and pootling about.  The sun even managed to shine. It was all very delightful.

Then yesterday the weather turned and the storms came in - and today it is cold and wet and windy and almost wintery.  Lovely weather to encourage the new baby students to come and play this week.  If they've come from anywhere warm and sunny they might very well have headed back by the end of the day!!

The exciting thing that happened at the weekend was when we heard quite a bit of noise emanating from next door's garden.  I went to investigate - and found a bloke knocking down their fence that keeps Max the dog out of our back garden.  It must be said that we have watched that fence blowing about when the weather is wild and wondered how long it would be before it blew over.  No chance of that now.  It was completely gone.

And now there is a new fence in its place.  Max is completely unable to come and play in our garden.  But the building of the new fence did have one or twom moments of excitement - particularly when the fencing bloke was filling a hole on his side of the porch with cement - and it managed to find a way through the retaining wall and pour all over our porch floor.  This didn't absolutely matter as we are intending to re-concrete the floor one day anyway - but it came as something of a shock to open the door into the porch and find the floor with rivulets of wet cement all over it!  (It also came as something of a worry earlier when he was taking out the original fence posts - the bottles and jars on the shelf in the porch sounded very much as though they were going to fall off!)

In the meantime, the doors seem to have taken against me.  The door into the back garden has bitten the middle knuckle of my right hand.  The door into the kitchen has bitten my left arm (which has a splendid bruise coming up on it).  The back door into the driveway didn't bite me - but I think it instructed my paring knife to snip the top of my left thumb when I was finely slicing zucchinis for lunch on Saturday.  It is *extremely* inconvenient to have a slice cut into the top of your left thumb!  I recommend you don't do it.

Right.  Term is upon us.  I had better go and find some students to terrify!!
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