Friday, September 07, 2012

Farewell To Roger

Well that marks the end of an era.  Roger was the chair of the panel who appointed me to my first position in the Learning Centre at SHU.  He was the team leader of the team I first worked on here. He has been here almost for ever and he's been on lots of the committees and groups that I have been on.

And now he's left.  Somehow he seemed to think that he was old enough to retire (though clearly he is not).  He took the last week of August off, as is his habit, but then simply didn't come back.

Until yesterday, when he came in so we could have a proper farewell for him in the Learning Centre, followed by a meal in the Crucible Corner across the road, where there came lots of faces from the past. People who have retired, people who have left, not to mention people from both campus Learning Centres.  Was a good evening.

But I shall miss him. Not only has he been here a very long time so the place will seem quite odd without him - but also there is now no one to pass the difficult and challenging engineering questions to!
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