Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Vegetarian Sunday-Lunch-on-a-Saturday

I have had a lovely time planning this Sunday-lunch-on-a-Saturday.  I wanted it all to be suitable for vegetarians, and also all to be something that our visitors would enjoy eating.  No mushrooms, goats cheese or aubergine for us!  (Why do restaurants and veggie food writers obsess so much about mushrooms, goats cheese and aubergines - are they not aware of the many other delightful vegetarian foods that are available?  As it happens I rather like mushrooms, though lots of vegetarians do not.  But aubergines?  Goats cheese?  Why I ask.  Why?????)

Anyway.  None of that figured on my menu.  I decided to make the Hairy Bikers' take on chicken sweet and sour - but obviously not with chicken!  I was going to use quorn pieces, but then Freyja suggested I might like to use the mock chicken you can buy in oriental food shops.  So I took myself off to Tai Sun in Sheffield and bought some tins of braised bean curd and used that in place of chicken.  With it we had a butternut squash risotto.  And the two combined together were absolutely delicious.  We had them with runner beans and griddled zucchini..

To start we had mini party pies (using quorn mince), vegetable wontons and a "sausage" plait which I made using spicy tofu, mozzarella cheese and puff pastry.  And we finished off with an apple crumble cake.

There was, of course, wine.  And cups of tea with the cake.  All in all it was a delicious and pleasant afternoon.  We must do it again.  But after I have finished washing up from yesterday!!
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