Saturday, September 22, 2012

"So," said The Builder last Friday evening as we hit the supermarket.  "Who's coming to visit this weekend?"

No one

"No one?  Are you sure"  No one coming for Sunday lunch? Saturday supper?"

No.  No one.  And not only that there are no plans. Nothing in the diary. Nothing on the calendar.  A completely blank canvas for the weekend.

So that is pretty much what we did.  Almost nothing.

And almost as quiet has been the week at work.  A few tours of the Adsetts Centre for Education students.  An induction for part time students. A couple of meetings.  But otherwise fairly peaceful and unremarkable.

This, of course, is all about to change.  It's induction week next week. There will be new students milling about everywhere.  The returning students will return.  Bedlam is about to fall upon us.  Chaos is imminent.

And now I really must get up.  For we do have company coming this weekend.  Freyja and her former housemates Duncan and Nate are coming for a Sunday-lunch-on-a-Saturday.  They might not be entirely delighted if they arrive for lunch and find me lounging about still in bed - and no food to be had.

It's ten weeks today until we embark on then Grand World Tour.  I do not feel ready!
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