Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We took Sam out to the lake on Sunday.  It was quite a nice day and the advantage of putting Sam in the car and taking him somewhere for a walk is that you don't have to tackle Lindsey and Ian's very steep drive at the end of a walk.  The car can take you up it when you get back!

I was a touch worried that there would be lots of people taking advantage of the nice weather on a Sunday to take their small, white, fluffy, yappy things out walking as well.  Sam is largely of the opinion that small, white, fluffy, happy things serve no real purpose other than as a between meal snack for him.  I had no wish to be rescuing the yappy things from Sam's ninja jaws!

There were some out walking but fortunately they resisted the temptation to yap at Sam and he ignored them.  He loftily ignored the children who were amazed by his great size.  He mostly ignored the adults who came to admire him.  I think he enjoyed his walk.  We only did the wetlands bit of the lake which is a little over 2 km as a round walk. That seemed to be long enough for both Sam and The Builder.

Enjoying the fresh air. 

All tuckered out after!
Monday saw us heading back to the flat, via Coles and Wilsons (which I thoroughly recommend should you ever find yourself in Ballarat in need of fruit, veg or fabulous yoghurt - it was a largish stall out on the highway when I first moved to Ballarat in the late 1980s; it's seriously upgraded since!). Then on to Clifton Hill, making our first ever Uber trip.  I may have come late to Uber (Freyja has been using it regularly for some time and has been encouraging me to try it, except that it doesn't operate yet in Chesterfield) but I will certainly use it again. Both the trip to Clifton Hill and the trip back were effective, efficient, economical - and allowed me to have wine with my steak since I wasn't driving back!.

The weather has turned very wintry.  It's been chilly, wet, windy and rather gloomy in Melbourne over the past couple of days.  So much so that we abandoned our plans to go into Carlton on the tram, or into town, or even out to Richmond to look at Ikea and Kmart.  I ventured out far enough to lay in a few supplies from the shops under our feet.  The Builder didn't venture out at all.  We must venture out today though.  We are off back to Ballarat this afternoon!

The Nothing is attempting to eat central Melbourne

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