Thursday, September 22, 2016

An Exciting Start to the Morning

I didn't sleep very well last night.  No particular reason; I just kept waking up.

By about 6:00 I was beginning to wonder why Sam wasn't demanding his breakfast. No banging on the door from about 5:30.  I got up to see what he was doing.

He wasn't doing anything in particular at that moment, but overnight he had found the bag of seed potting mix that we had bought last week and left by the front door.  He had dragged it into the lounge area and obviously tried to play with it.  Very fortunately it didn't make a very satisfactory toy, so there was only a bit of potting mix scattered over the carpet.  I went to get the vacuum cleaner.

Then I trod on a plastic lid.  Odd.  Where would he get a plastic lid?  Hmm.  No wonder he hadn't been demanding breakfast.  He had found the box of dog treats and somehow managed to get the lid off.  He hadn't eaten them all.  There were lots scattered over the floor and couch.  But he had eaten about half of them.  I gathered up all that I could find and went to vacuum up the potting mix.

In the meantime, The Builder had gone to make a very much needed cup of tea.  The kettle wouldn't work.  He came to tell me that the power was off.  Except all the lights were on, and the vacuum cleaner worked.  We investigated further.  Power sockets were working our bedroom and in the snooker room.  It was just the kitchen.  Where are the trip switches?  A very good question.  Not in the garage.  Not obviously in the house.  I sent Lindsey a message. Before she could answer I remembered that in Australia meter boxes are very often outside.  Maybe the trip switches are also outside.  Put my lovely new Ugg boots on and went to explore.  And there on the front wall is a big brown box that we walk past several times a day and had never paid attention to.  And inside were the trip switches, one of which was in the wrong position.  Power is restored to the kitchen and all is now well - except that the ignition thingy on the stove won't stop clicking.  I've turned off its power supply and all is now quiet.

Ian rang from a freeway in Canada, en route to Calgary, in response to my message to Lindsey. By then I had found the trip switches but he was able to make some suggestions about the stove.  I haven't tried them yet.  I'll have another investigation later in the day.

And all of this had happened before we had had our first cup of tea!!!  I think we did very well, given that we were un-caffeinated.  We are caffeinated now!

I wonder what else this Thursday has in store for us ...
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