Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Productive Couple of Days

We went into Ballarat on Friday and located the Centrelink offices, where you also deal with Medicare queries.  I wasn't expecting it to be particularly complicated to get a card of my own, and it wasn't.  I did expect to have to wait for a long, long time to be seen.  I was happily mistaken about that.  I think it was less than ten minutes before it was my turn to be seen.  I now have a Medicare card on its way, and a temporary paper copy to be going on with.

This meant that I could also register for a Senior's card.  It's on its way, apparently.

We took advantage of the spring sunshine yesterday and headed out to the lake to the twice monthly Farmers' Market.  Lots of other people were taking advantage of the sunshine too.  The market, the lakeside and the playgrounds were positively buzzing

And it wasn't just the humans and their dogs who were enjoying the spring sunshine:

Ten years ago the lake was so dry that you could have almost walked across it with dry feet - except you weren't supposed to.  This was for a number of reasons, one of which had been a prolonged drought.  The drought broke long since, and the other causes have long been addressed.  The lake is not dry any more.  At the moment, it is very noticeably Not Dry

There should be a path where that swan is swimming!

We called into the library on our way back and I now have a library card.  I think, apart from the Tax File Number which I'll tackle tomorrow afternoon, that should be everything in the way of Aussie red tape and paperwork.  For me, at least.

Walking with Sam on Saturday afternoon

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