Tuesday, September 27, 2016

And Done (I think!)

I have my Tax File Number!

I dropped by the Tax Department yesterday afternoon and spent about 20 minutes with a friendly man sorting it all out.

Turned out that they had my address at Main Road, Eltham.  I was never, ever going to guess that.  It was my first mother-in-law's address and she's been dead for well over a decade. I'm not at all sure why they had that address. Quite apart from the fact that all my tax returns have had addresses in Beaufort, Ballarat, North Carlton and the Tax Department had happily sent letters to those addresses; quite apart from that - I have never actually lived in Eltham.  Bizarre.  They have me living in Ballarat now.  And I have my TFN which means I can fill out a tax form at my new place of employment, which means they might actually pay me :-)

I think that is now everything that I need to make it possible actually to function in Australia.  Unless there is something I haven't thought about yet?

We had a good weekend. We went with our friend Pat out to the Swiss Mountain Hotel for lunch on Sunday.  Over the past 40 years or so I have driven past that hotel, out in the countryside on the road between Ballarat and Daylesford, innumerable times.  I have never been even remotely tempted to stop and go in.  It looked a bit grotty, a bit of a dive.  So I was slightly surprised when Pat suggested that we drive out there for lunch.  But I'll try most things once, so off we went.  And it's lovely.  It's been well renovated inside and the food was really very good. And clearly other people haven't been deceived by the exterior appearance of the place.  It was very, very busy.  We must go again

Farley and Pat at the Swiss Mountain Hotel

A lovely piece of steak with succulent mushrooms

Hot chocolate pudding

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