Monday, July 20, 2015

Tupton Parade and Carnival

It was the Tupton Parade and Carnival on Saturday.  Tabitha, Gareth and Cally came over to watch the parade and visit the carnival.

The Parade comes along Ankerbold Road and turns left onto Queen Victoria Road. You can see it from our drive, but you get a slightly better view if you go out and walk up a couple of metres.  I think Cally was a bit startled by the loudness of the marching bands, but otherwise we enjoyed it a lot.

The start of the Parade as it approached us from Ankerbold Road

Traffic waiting patiently along Bridge Street and Hagg Hill
The Builder went down into the garden and put in some new fence posts

After the parade, Taffa, Gaz, Cally and I went up to the school playing fields to the carnival.  It was great fun.  There were rides and stalls and things to do.  There were tractors and a fire truck.  There were owls.  The sun shone and we had a lovely time.

The Builder stayed behind and picked fruit.

Cally was worried that "Grandad Jim has missed out on all the fun!!"

We went back home and sat on the patio in the sunshine and played with the bubble gun that I bought at the carnival and later ate pizza for tea.

When we were on Harris there was a knock on the door one evening.  The house next door was being rented by a family for a couple of weeks.  We had seen the man down on the jetty patiently fishing and had observed that he had lobster pots and things.  Anyway, that evening he had come to offer Paul and Carol some lobsters and scallops that he had caught that morning.  Carol is a vegetarian and Paul has an allergy to crustacea and molluscs (a useful piece of information which had not previously come my way!!).  So lobsters and scallops were no use to them.  But they are to The Builder and me. So we took a few and popped them in the freezer, and then borrowed a cool box and brought them back to wait in our freezer until a suitable opportunity to eat them came about.

Sunday lunch seemed just such an opportunity - seafood being very much enjoyed by all of us except Cally who prefers fish fingers.  So I got in some salmon and some prawns and some squid.  I added the lobster and scallops.  I made a mountain of chips (and a fish finger for Cally). And we had a magnificent seafood platter for Sunday lunch.  (Cally had her fish finger and some chips :-D ).  Cally likes chips as made by her Gamma.

It was the Chesterfield Carnival this weekend too, on both Saturday and Sunday.  So Taffa, Gaz and Cally went off after Sunday lunch to have a look at that and The Builder and I stayed at home and sat on the patio for a bit longer then repaired inside and wiled away the evening watching telly and pottering about.  

It was a good weekend.  You can see the full photo album by clicking on the photo of Cally playing with the bubble gun

Cally is coming back to our place next weekend, alone this time.  It will be the fourth weekend in a row that she has been here.  I think she is beginning to think she'll be at our place at weekends for the Rest of Time :-D

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