Thursday, July 16, 2015

Back to normal

We had a pleasant, mostly relaxed day on Tuesday.  We went to the allotment and brought back the first zucchini of the season. We went to Marsh Green for a few bits and pieces.  We stocked up at the supermarket. I remembered to turn on all the alarms for Wednesday morning. We pottered in the garden. And we went to the Postal Sorting Office to pick up a parcel that was waiting for us.  It was my new Farley, all the way from Canada.  He looked a bit dishevelled but is fluffing up nicely now that he's out of his box.

Welcome home, Farley
I don't think the Farleys are hand made but they are all ever-so slightly different. Takes a while to get used to a new one.  And I must make sure that this one isn't stolen whilst adventuring in London.  Or anywhere else for that matter :-D

So I am now back at work. It's quite quiet. There aren't very many staff around but there also aren't very many students around.  We've had very few of our Malaysian summer students this year.  Only the Business ones. The lack of the Construction, Real Estate and Computing students has made a big difference in the library.  We do have other summer students but that is a big chunk to be missing.

The Under Gardener, however, is keeping quite busy.  There is a mountain of soft fruit to pick in the garden, loads and loads of nettles to scythe down, grass to cut, potatoes to dig and very soon there will be broad beans to pick and (I hope) zillions of zucchini to gather. It's been unusually dry round our way so far this summer so things aren't thriving as much as we might hope, but coming along. There have been four large freezer bags of raspberries so far. The lack of rain doesn't seem to have upset them!  And if it does rain and keep him out of the garden and allotment - there is always the house painting to get on with!!

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