Saturday, July 11, 2015

The weather didn't improve at all yesterday. It rained fairly persistently all day. At one point I looked at the three day weather forecast for Tarbert. Then I looked at the three day weather forecast for Melbourne. They were pretty much identical! Tupton was looking good, though :-D

So not a day for walking. A day for exploring by car. Not that Paul and Carol were exploring. They've had their house for over ten years and know their way around. But we went to lots of places that were new to The Builder and me. We went to Scalpay, the island we can see in the background from our bedroom and from the kitchen. You can see the house from parts of Scalpay :-). It used to be that you could only get there by ferry but now there is a bridge. It is the only grown up bridge that I have ever been over which is single laned with passing places. It's very odd. They could have made it a two laned bridge with the addition of a mere extra metre and virtually no addition to the construction costs.

We came back to Harris and went off exploring more of that.  Tumbling waterfalls, raging rivers, misty mountains. I think that the waterfalls do not normally tumble with such enthusiasm, nor the rivers rage so strongly. But we did have a lot of rain yesterday and the landscape is very rocky and not in the least permeable.

It's raining still today. But not as hard. And I think there may be parts of the day when it doesn't rain.

All the shops will be closed on Sunday so we had to go into Tarbert to lay in supplies. Look at what we found in the ferry harbour:

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