Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Western Isles

We got up on Monday morning, had breakfast and then headed to the supermarket for supplies for the week. There's a railway station in Fort William. At the station we saw this

Alas, there was no time to go for a ride. We had a different ride waiting for us on the far side of Skye. We were booked onto the 2.30 ferry from Uig to Tarbert on the Isle of Harris.

The Skye Bridge

I have long pondered the actual existence of puffins. People assured me that puffins existed. I had never seen one. I would go to places where puffins were alleged to hang out. No puffins. People showed me photos. But I have seen photos of dragons so that wasn't evidence. Puffins on the Telly? Probably CGI. I have never seen a real live puffin. I believe them to be mythical creatures.

There were LOTS of puffins in the waters around the ferry. I think they must exist after all :-D

We misplaced the sunshine yesterday. Instead the weather was rainy and misty. That didn't deter us. We went into Tarbert for a little explore. We went to a sandy beach for a stroll. We visited a friend of Paul and Carol in his art gallery. We pottered around. We watched sheep and seabirds and seals in the waters at the back of the house. It was a good day.

It's windy this morning and it has been raining but it looks as though it might be clearing up a bit. We are off to Stornaway shortly, collecting bits of the Shipping Forecast

Walking on the misty Luskentyre beach

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